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Here's to the newest Gossip Girl RPG! Here are the character wanted and the characters taken:

Blair Waldorf: _blairwaldorf
Serena Van Der Woodsen: _serenavander
Nate Archibald: _nate_archibald
The Gossip Girl: _theggrl
Georgie Spark: _georgie_spark
Aaron Rose: aaron___rose
Jenny Humphey: _jennyhumphey
Katie Farkas: _katifarkas
Flow: _flow
Chuck Bass: _chuckbass

Original Characters:
Dylan Deluca: dylandeluca
Mason Deluca: mason_deluca

Daniel Humphey
Elise Wells
Isabel Coates
Mystery Craze
Erik Van Der Woodsen
Anthony Avuldsen
Charlie Dern
Vanessa Ambrams

Apply Today by emailing the following application to Bloomball89@yahoo.com, loves.suicide@gmail.com, AND burbabe45@hotmail.com

Please send to all three because chances are one of us are online and you can get a response fast.

Subject Line: Gossip Girl Application

Have you participated in any other RPGs?:
If so, what are they, and who did you play?:

What “Gossip Girl” novels have you read so far?:
If you've read all of them which is your favorite

Who do you want to be?:
Do you have a specific celebrity in mind that you want to represent your character(for the icon)?

Create a sample journal entry or plotline for the character you’re applying for (all characters will have personal journals).:

All of the communities

the OOC journal where you talk about the RPG out of character.

This is where both Riverside Prep and Constance threads go.

Penthouses is where all threads in apartments are.

The Three Guys Coffee shop! This is the lounge and hangout place so all of those threads go here.

This is where all other threads go. This includes clubs, shops, photo shoots, moives, premieres etc.